We are living in a highly advanced world. By a simple click, we can now have answers to almost any question in the world. Among them, one oft-repeated question is on how to succeed and live a better life? As common as it may sound, we cannot deny that most of us are constantly looking for ways to answer it in the best possible manner and apply it in our own individual lives. Now, we have self-help books and blogs advocating life hacks on the same. They are full of techniques and ideas, some even backed by scientific research. However, in my personal experience there is just one weapon to demolish all fears and live happily. And, whenever I address any gathering of students, I advise them to use it because it is available to all of us.
That weapon is the ‘triden’ or the ‘trishul’! It is the trident of three strong attributes, embracing which anyone can become a better person. Let us look at them one by one. The first is something I emphasise on every moment – smile! Smiling can make a whole lot of difference in any and every situation. It makes you seem pleasant, approachable and amiable. It also makes you feel happier than you already are. Believe it or not, the simple act of smiling can trick your brain into believing that you are indeed happy. And when that happens, as a result, the person feels less stressful and more thankful – something we all could make great use of The second attribute of the trident is keeping a positive attitude.

No matter what harsh realities or failures one faces in life, pessimism does not take us anywhere. It only makes us more disgruntled and unlikeable. How would one expect anything good from us if we ourselves are so negative and skeptical? Positive attitude, on the other hand, is characteristic of a strong will. It is a sign of never giving up, integrity and a mindset which is constantly growing. Positive attitude instils hope and the motivation to work harder. In essence, it is the primary ingredient for success .
The third and last effective attribute is of thinking ‘big’! Always keep your aim high. In the time between birth and death, we must try to spend every moment to work towards a bigger goal, something that challenges our inner core and brings out our best potential. Thinking big is the first step towards achieving big. A lot of people end up being dissatisfied with their lives for they think they did not aim higher. A lot others underrate themselves and think they cannot make much difference. However, the truth is the people who always think ‘they can’, make a difference. So, be fearless and think big. Thinking big will automatically push you to become the person who deserves to achieve those dreams.
Wield the trident of these three attributes at all times and see how you undergo a tremendous transformation. Not only will you feel more energetic and joyful, you will wake up every day looking forward to the challenges and obstacles life throws at you. Starting now, be the fearless ones. Smile, be positive and always think big!